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If you have a received a notice of audit from the IRS or a state agency, it is important to retain qualified legal counsel from a reputable law firm. At Greenberg Bitton LLP, our Beverly Hills audit representation lawyers can ensure that your rights remain protected.

When you hire our firm, our knowledgeable tax attorneys can go to work challenging the IRS on its findings against you. Our legal team has extensive experience fighting and defeating claims by the IRS. Oftentimes, we can negotiate reduced tax liabilities and lowered penalties.

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Why Is the IRS Auditing Me?

The first question that came to your mind when you found out that the IRS is going to audit you was probably, “Why me?” That is a fair question, especially if you did not intentionally do anything wrong.

Sometimes, IRS audits are random and not based on any adverse findings. However, the IRS often selects individuals to audit based on suspicious activity. The types of activities that pop up as red flags can range from a simple mistake to intentional false reporting.

Common reasons why people find themselves being audited by the IRS include:

  • Making mathematical mistakes
  • Omitting income
  • Claiming a home office deduction
  • Filing personal expenses as business expenses
  • Reporting estimations instead of precise figures

According to recent IRS statistics, you are more likely to get audited if you are in one of the higher tax brackets or if you report no income at all. Regardless of why you have become a target for the IRS, it is crucial to have an experienced tax lawyer on your side.

Audit Notification

How does the IRS notify you of an audit?

When the IRS selects you for an audit, a letter will be sent to you through the mail notifying you of your audit. The IRS does not send any e-mails or make phone calls to notify you of your audit review.

In most situations you will be able to respond to your audit via mail, but in some instances, the IRS will request an in-person meeting. This meeting can take place at your business, your home, or a local IRS office.

Types of IRS Audits

There are 3 different types of audits that the IRS perform: correspondence, office, and field audits.

  • A correspondence audit is when you need to mail in and provide the IRS with more details about your case. This is the most common type of audit, and you will not have to be in the presence of an IRS agent.
  • A field audit will have an IRS agent assigned to meet with you in person at either your business or your home to look over your records.
  • An office audit is when you have an in-person meeting with an IRS agent at their facility.

Gathering a copy of your tax returns, any other documents that might support your return, and initial documents requested for your audit are ways that you can prepare. You may also want to make copies of each document so you can leave physical evidence with the IRS agent in your in-person meeting.

You may also want to consider representation for your audit. Tax audits can be a very lengthy and time-consuming process that can cause you unnecessary stress. At Greenberg Bitton LLP our tax attorneys have the experience to guide you through this process step-by-step. And if you end up owing taxes back to the IRS, we can assist you in negotiating tax resolutions as well.

Cost-Effective Tax Law Representation

Although an IRS audit is never a pleasant experience, the Beverly Hills audit representation lawyers at Greenberg Bitton LLP can reduce your stress and make sure you are treated fairly.

To learn more about how we can help you with your IRS audit, contact us at (877) 829-5294 today.

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